Sunday, 11 March 2012

Raspberry Chinos and a Birthday at the Beach

                                      Chinos: New Look. Coat: H&M. Jumper: H&M.

Here are some snaps taken on my boyfriends 23rd birthday. We treated ourselves to the whole day off uni work and spent the morning eating cake and the afternoon at Stonehaven which is a lovely little seaside town just outside of Aberdeen. It was my favourite type of weather, it was warm enough to sit outside the harbour bar, people watching and sipping cold magners but it was chilly enough to stay cosy in layers.

It was not the best idea to wear a bowler hat to the beach as the whole time was spent with one hand keeping it in place.

The above raspberry chinos are one of the few pairs I purchased in New Look for my trip to Washington as we have been informed that the dress code is "business casual", I don't really know what that means but I think a pair of chinos and a smart jumper is about as 'business' as I can go.

Hope you's all had a lovely weekend x x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sailor Stripes

AHOY THERE! So I thought I would show you guys what remains one of my favourite thrifted pieces, this nautical, striped, navy collar, slouch jumper. What more could you want? I have been wearing it to death recently. 

I also strongly believe that you cannot beat a striped jumper. I think this started from my teenage obsession with Kurt Cobain, which kinda remains in tact bar the eye-liner and greasy hair. 

I took the opportunity to take some snaps in my boyfriends street since it was nice and peaceful first thing in the morning before we set off for a day of Uni discussing homosexuality in the Ancient World. We historians sure know how to have a good time. 

I head off for an internship in Washington in two weeks. I cannot wait. I want to be there now. I have no idea what to pack. HELP. 

Hope you's are all swell. 

Hollie x