Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Siblings, Mittens and Lockets

Belated Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone had a lovely day and ate until your hearts were content or until you passed out on the sofa. Above are some snaps of me and my older sister and below are some of the beautiful prezzies I received.  

As you can see, red is my favourite colour. The jumper is from UrbanOutfitters, the crochet top is from TopShop and the furry mits are from Vera Moda. 

I want to wear these winter pieces so much but something strange is happening here.....it is WARM OUTSIDE! I think Aberdeen was the warmest place in the UK on Christmas day which I did not enjoy, Christmas isn't Christmas without snow! 

I have always had a bit of nostalgic sentiment towards lockets as I remember wearing them a lot when I was younger and in some cases filing them with cut-outs from magazines. My loved ones must have recognised my love for lockets, or picked up on my 'subtle' hints as to my surprise I got 3!! The black and pearl-esque one is probably the dressiest with a long black chain, the gold heart is a bracelet and the gold and floral one is Cath Kidston and has a vintage/antique look to it. So all 3 are very different which is what I love about them. 

Hollie x 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wet-Looks, Fur and Mulled Cider

                              Coat-Vintage. Cardigan-Vintage. T-Shirt-H&M. Boots-Marks and Spencers. 

I am finally feeling festive!!! This is what I wore spending the day in the pub sipping on Brothers mulled toffee apple cider......(see below) it is amazing and has definitely got me in the Christmas spirit which is about time seeing as it is three days away. 

I have rekindled my love for this red cardigan which I purchased in a vintage shop in Southhampton last summer. Its got a cool shirt like collar and pretty red buttons so I think it may actually be a dress, but who knows. Oh just remembered it came with shoulder pads so it is pretty likely it is a 80s style dress. 

Happy mulled wine/cider drinking :D

PS. Excuse the blurry photos I think I broke my camera.

Hollie x

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Decorative Brooches

I think I do have a little bit of a thing for quirky brooches. Here is my collection most of which I received from my Granny so I have no idea about their age or where they are from! The leaf with pearls belonged to my Great Granny so I guess it is the oldest and the two cameos are presents from friends so are costume jewellery.

I know that brooches aren't the coolest of jewel's but they are a definitely 'old' piece of jewellery and thats why I like them. They immediately make me think of  the 18th century court costume which was lavishly adorned in decorative emblems, so perhaps it is my inner history geek which is attracted to them!

I tend to stick a brooch on most of my coats, I have on my fur coat and my sheepskin coat.

What do you guys think about brooches? Does anyone else adorn their coats with them?!

Also thought I would showcase my beautiful antique ring I got from my boyfriend from the Victorian Market in Inverness. The jeweller said it is 'gothic' and quite a unique style, hope yous like is as much as I do :)

Hope everyone is having a good lazy week drinking mulled wine, watching Home Alone and eating their weight in haribo and pringles! (It can't just be me doing this)

Hollie x

Monday, 19 December 2011

Simple Festive Sparkles

                          All 3 tops are charity shop finds. The gold one is from Oxfam online. Shorts-H&M. 

I think we all know that a bit of sparkle can not be avoided from the festive wardrobe. If like me you are not the biggest fan of glitter and sequin explosions chucking on a sequin-esque top over a pair of shorts or skinnies keeps it casual and subtle while still keeping you in the festive spirit!

These are some of my favourite twinkly tops all of which came from charity shops or Oxfam's online second hand store: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/second-hand-store?pscid=ps_ggl_GR_Shop-Brand&gclid=CNfLm4-ljq0CFVBlfAod2F51lQ (This site also has a decent vintage collection).

I think sequin dresses etc. can be over priced in high street shops so I would urge you to hit your local charity shops where I am sure you will find some sparkly bargain beauties!

What festive sparkle items do you have in your wardrobe this year?!

Hollie x

Saturday, 17 December 2011

70's Floral's

                                              Blouse-vintage. Skirt- vintage. Boots-vintage. 

Here is a 70's esque ensemble of my most recent vintage purchases. I found this blouse in one of the many cool vintage shops in the the West End of Glasgow.  I love red and black patterns so the colours are what caught my eye!

Oh and see if you can spot my beautiful wee dog Corrie in the background, he is a bit of a poser so wanted to get in on the action!

Hope everyone is now fully embracing the festive spirit! (Christmas is a week tomorrow...where has the time gone?!??!)

Hollie x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wedges in winter

                                                   Dress- vintage. Cardigan- vintage. Wedges- Next. Fur stole- H&M. 

Peep toe wedges are not the most suitable of shoes for a Scottish winter but I have 'man'd up' and decided to wear heels to a night out tonight and I figured wedges offer slightly more protection from any ice-slips (fingers crossed). 

I picked this dress up from a market a while back, the print is of Bruges which I love not only because it makes a pretty picture but also because it is one of my favourite city's I have visited. 

The cardi is one of my favourite finds from the vintage section in my local charity shop which I now organise and am going in first thing tomorrow morning to put out lots of cosy winter clothes :) 

Hollie x 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Raspberry Beret

                               Jeans-Topshop. Jumper-Flea Market. Bag-Stolen from granny. Hat- H&M.                    

I have finally started to get wear out of one of the few things I bought when I was Euro-tripping this summer. I picked this jumper up from waterlooplein flea market in Amsterdam, a sea of glorious vintage gear and the finest collection of 'bits and bobs'. The limitations of living out of a rucksack for weeks kicked in when I was forced to leave behind the most beautiful fur coat, if I purchased it, the only option was to trapes around in the scorching sun looking like a pimp, so I decided against it.

I hope to go back some day and this time I will take a huge suitcase so I can fit in all the fur coats I find.

(The infamous Prince song has been stuck in my head all day)

Hollie x

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Witchy Booties

                       Coat-NewLook. Shirt-Vintage. Jumper-Vera Moda. Boots-Vintage. Bag- Urban Outfitters.

I forgot about my witchy booties!! Found these badboys hidden at the back of my wardrobe, I used to wear them alot but recently I have got far too confortable in my granny flats and can't really recall the last time I wore heels, I know, shameful for a woman. I like the victorian-esque stlye of these booties and they arn't really high atall so I think they will break me in to wearing heels again.

Having a collar poking out of my jumper is becoming a favourite for me for two reasons: 1: it makes a boring knit a tad more intersting. 2. anything that constitutes as an extra layer to prevent me turning blue in the Scottish winter is good for me.

First day of crimbo shopping today and I came home with a box of cupcakes (for myself) mulled wine (for myself) and a pair of slippers for my dad. Whats wrong with me?!

Hollie x

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Foxy Fitzgeralds

So thought I would post this, a couple of weeks back me and my boyfriend chose to dress up as Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald for a history society night out where you had to dress up as a historical character, as geeky as it sounds it was really just a drunken get together with everyone who studies history and there were some impressive outfits! My favourite was Henry VII (the codpiece attracted  uncertain attention from the locals).

Here is my attempt here, admittedly it was influenced by Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris". Marion Cotillard made such a cute flapper girl, the outfit's were amazing, this dress in particular stood out to me: I WANT IT SO MUCH!!

The Fitzgeralds are a pretty fascinating pair and the roarin 20s is probably my favourite era!
Does anyone have any 20s inspired outfits they would like to share with me?! :D

Hollie x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Playful Pussy Bow

                                  Blouse-Vintage (St.Michael). Jumper- Boyfriends-H&M. Shorts-H&M. Boots. Marks +Spencers. 

As you can see, the wind in Scotland is CRAZY just now, felt like I was going to have a wizard of Oz moment when I left the house this morning. I think my hair could be mistaken for a birds nest in the second picture, so looks like I will be embracing the windswept look for the time being. 

The pussy bow blouse is one of my favourite classic wardrobe pieces. I organise the vintage section in my local charity shop and pussy bow blouses (along with anything furry or lacy) are the things that sell almost immediately. They are so versatile and that's what I like about them, they are playful yet sophisticated at the same time. 

I chucked on one of my boyfriends jumpers today to keep me warm and actually liked the outcome! The bow dresses up a plain jumper while still keeping it a casual look. The gorgeous Grace Kelly will be my inspiration when I try this look out again. 

You can pick up pussy bow blouses all over the highstreet just now but I would urge you to hit your local charity shops/vintage stores if you fancy a more classic/ granny chic style. 

Hollie x 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Good Old Dr. Marten

Coat-Vintage.Jumper-Vera Moda. Skirt-Barnardos Vintage.Hat-H&M. Satchel-Oxfam Vintage. 

No, I'm not reliving my teenage years I actually still dress like this. A fur coat and Dr. Marten's is probably one of my favourite and most practical winter outfits. The first sign of ice and I have already turned to my faithful shoes (not sure whether I should admit this, but, I have had them since I was 15). I'll accept that they are not the most 'feminine' of foot wear but I think as Alison Mosshart and Daisy Lowe have oh so effortlessly shown they can still look good. They have got me through the harshest of Scottish winters, avoiding frost bite and any serious bambi style slips, so I would argue that they are one of the BEST footwear ever made and I don't think I'll grow bored of them. 

Also, thought I would showcase this little skirt more closely, I picked it up from the vintage section in my local Barnardo's, I think the leather pattern against the black suede is cool, kinda reminds me of a peacocks tail or something?! There wasn't a label on it but I would guess it is 70s style. 

Hollie x 

PS. I hope others share my love for Dr. M! 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jack Frost

So this is the start of the frosty mornings, and already I have my furry hat on the go! I got this jacket the other day from NewLook and it was such a find, I've been searching the charity shops high and low to find a granda tweed-esque style jacket for ages now and unfortunately had no such luck, so you can imagine my delight when I came across this badboy, AND, to top it all off.....it had 50% off so I got it for just under 20 quid (probably not much more than what I would have paid for one from a charity shop,and thankfully it comes without the musk of old men!)

Hollie x

Monday, 5 December 2011

Hey guys, so I've taken the plunge and decided to start a blog. It's fitting time for me because there was the first sign of snow yesterday and I have now fully exploited my winter wardrobe! (and yes, as you can see from the above picture, I do get that excited about Christmas tree baubles). Also, this will no doubt provide me with another means of procrastination from my dissertation..EEEK. Anyway, it will take me a fair while to get used to this but we will see what happens!

Hollie Michelle x