Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pretty in Pink

                             Skirt: Charity Shop. T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters. Wedges: Vintage

This outfit is another which was inspired from a film, this time a classic 80s American teen drama; Pretty in Pink, it is also relevant as it showcases S/S pastels, WINNER.  Floral midi skirts are a favourite of mine and I am certain they will be a common feature over summer, however, I still need to retain a sense of boyishness so I have teamed it with a cropped black graphic top and my faithful bowler hat. I kept the cold out with my grey tweet-esque blazor but I think I might also try out this look with my trench coat or parka to keep it nice and casual.

Here she goes, the protagonist Andie Walsh in the 80s high school teen classic Pretty in Pink, she is the ultimate thrifter and has a bold quirky combination of granny chic which is largely built from self-fashioned peices. Genius.  

Check the film out, it is good for quirky style inspiration and has a bop-worthy 80s soundtrack.

Hollie x

Monday, 27 February 2012

Grungey Layers, My Faithful Friend

                      Trench Coat: H&M. T-Shirt Dress. Market. Denim Shirt: Miss Selfridge

I know I know I should be embracing the delicate and dreamy pastel shades which are splattered all over the web and indeed highstreet but all I want to do is wear scruffy grungey layers. I am such a rebel I know.

Oh and the final photo is for entertainment purposes, feel free to laugh at my grimace face.  

However, I have been influenced by a classic 80s high school teen film which I have watched recently and I have a feminine outfit coming your way, it even includes dare I say it, pink and florals. So watch this space and you will soon see me dressed like a real girl.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and if you attended LFW I hope you had a fabulous time, you lucky dogs!

Hollie x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Who's that lurking in the garden?

                             Jumper: Urban Outfitters. Shirt: Charity Shop. Bag: A Boutique in Munich, Germany. 

These photos are taken a couple of minutes prior to me being interrogated by my boyfriends neighbour for lurking in the garden. In all fairness, he is an elderly gentleman so the sight of two young adults creeping in his garden may have been alarming, but once we explained the innocence of our actions (of which he did not understand due to the concept of blogging) he let us continue snapping away in the surrounding shrubbery. 

My outfits just now have one priority...COMFORT. I am in the midst of my dissertation so have been living in the library and as such need comfy expanding waistlines and baggy tops to cover the extent of my ever growing comfort/stress/procrastination stomach. But this tedious phase will only be short lived as soon enough I am off to Washington DC for an internship, so there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.  

PS. I cannot stop wearing silly collars and jumpers. I will embrace more feminine attire in due course. 

Hollie x 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I swapped no clothes at my first clothes swap but bought two bags instead

The title of this post speaks for itself. As a second-hand enthusiast I was left disappointed after attending my first 'clothes swap'. While the event itself had all that was expected of a fashion event; vintage stalls accompanied with classic retro tunes and a sea of fashionable individuals, I swapped no clothes. I know it was a charity event and the concept of swapping a token for an item of clothing is a worthwhile and appealing idea, I was close to coming home with two items of clothing which I would never wear and in turn would donate them straight to a charity shop. So instead I decided against taking anything. If this was just a matter of luck I guess mine wasn't in! 

However, I did come away with the above two lovely bags, which were both purchased from the stalls of Aberdeen's only two vintage shops, Retrospect and The Closet. The wicker one is an anticipated favourite for summer. 

More and more fashion and particularly vintage fashion events are taking place here in Aberdeen and I am sure it is the same all over the UK.  Although I have enjoyed such events and will continue to attend them I think for the actual purchasing of second-hand clothing good old charity shops are hard to beat. Man, I do LOVE a rumage round a charity shop. 

I am aware this is a rather seriously pensive post but I would love to know what you guys think about vintage and fashion events?. 

Hollie x 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Furry Head and Fuzzy Legs

                      Furry Hat: Charity Shop. Shirt: H&M. Sex Pistols Top: H&M. Velvet Leggings: Primark.

Check out my furry head! This badboy was a steal from the charity shop I work in which is one of the perks of the job, second to the value of my charitable deed of course. 

This Sex Pistols t-shirt is a few years old now but is one of the few band tops that have not turned an icky grey misshapen mess due to my consistent wear. However, I am on the hunt for some new ones (particularly Joy Division and Nirvana) so if anyone as any recommendations of decent and affordable band merch websites please hurl them my way. 

If only I looked as good as this in my furry hat and less like a little boy:  

Man I do love that film, especially the Mel Torme dance scene, it's 'An Education' if you have not seen it, check it out people.

It's another day in the library for me today leafing through memoirs and journals but on the upside I do get to look at pretty pictures of eighteenth century French costume....wowzaaaa, thrilling I know. 

Hollie x 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sheepskin and Lace

                                Coat: Stolen from Granny. Shirt: Charity Shop. Shorts: H&M. Bag: Gift. 

This sheepskin coat is one of my most treasured (and cosiest) wardrobe pieces. I found it when raiding my granny's wardrobe, who, as a great hoarder has a vast collection of both her own and my mum's old clothes. It was a lucky find as sheepskin and it's faux replicas are greatly overpriced on the highstreet. 

I love sheepskin, and I think this oversized coat is quite reminiscent of 90s grunge which is probably my favourite casual look. 

Also, I watched Blue Valentine for the first time yesterday which stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. If you have not seen it go and give it a watch and if you don't like it I am certain the soundtrack will get you dancing...I have had this song embedded in my brain ever since. 

And thank you all so much for all your lovely comments. 

Hollie x 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Day in the Library

Coat: H&M. Trousers: H&M. Shirt: Charity Shop. Jumper: Stolen from Boyfriend. Shoes: Charity Shop. Vanity Case: Gift.   

An oh so comfy outfit for an oh so tedious Saturday afternoon spent in the library. These tweed-esque trousers are a great substitute for jeans and are both smart and casual. A classic pattern like this can never go wrong and remains a firm favourite of mine along with paisley. 

My boyfriend commented that my vanity case looks like an old camera bag, which I suppose it kinda does...it makes a nice change from my usual bland granny bags anyway. 

My inspiration for this outfit is pictured below: 

Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn replicates an iconic 1950s look.

Hollie x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Marbled Cuff

I saw this gorgeous marbled cuff in Accessorize and was immediately drawn to it. I love the soft pastel blue  with the contrast gold metallic detail. It was priced at £12 but with student discount I got it for just over £10. 

It is only a matter of months till I am no longer a student, although I may have taken student discount for granted  I am certain I will miss it. 

I have recently had a clear out and rekindled my love for some old wardrobe pieces so I have a ray of vintage outfit posts coming up. 

I can't stop listening to this song, have some Gotye and Kimbra! 

Hollie x