Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grey Sparkles, Granny Shoes and Antique Watches

                                                              Dress-Zara. Shoes- Charity Shop. Bowler-H&M. 

This outfit consists of some of my recent purchases from a spontaneous and somewhat indulgent (considering my bank-balance) shopping spree. The thick grey jumper style dress was a find in Zara for £15. My wardrobe is lacking in casual and easy to wear dresses, so this has definitely filled a hypothetical wardrobe space. 

These are the ultimate granny shoes. Hush Puppies purchased from a charity shop for £5.50. They are undoubtedly one of the comfiest things I have had on my feet and as a fan of comfort over pain in my chosen footwear I am not afraid to say that I am Hush Puppies newest fan. My Granny would be proud. 

Also I thought I would showcase my watch I got for my 21st. I knew I wanted something classic and simple with Roman numerals and a traditional style. After looking online for antique timepieces I came across Rotary watches which, admittedly I did not know much about but was aware of as my Mum received one as a gift. To my surprise they have a lovely range of classic watches which were exactly what I was looking for.  If like me you are not the biggest fan of chunky watches and prefer a more classic piece I would recommend having a look at Rotary. 

Thanks for all the lovely comments guys, I love hearing from you!

Hollie x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Belfast City, Bunny's and Beautiful Boutiques

Here is a showcase of some of my purchases from my recent trip to Belfast, followed by some snaps of the snazzy places we vistied.

I found this GEM of a blazer in a sneaky little vintage boutique which was tucked away in the high street of my boyfriends hometown, Bangor. I love oversized blazer's but I am not the biggest fan of the 'secretary' look so I think the fur on this is what sold it for me. It was also the perfect fit which is a rare vintage shopping find.

The bunny ring was purchased from a gorgeous little shop of trinkets galore! Here is the website, you should definatley check it out, it is a sea of cute little bits and bobs and is very reasonably priced.

The first snap is of The Merhchant Hotel Bar which is officially "The Worlds Best Hotel bar", and going by the cocktails we had this does not surprise me. It was a lovely place to sit and relax although I must admit I did feel slightly out of place sitting there in my soggy clothes and frissy hair from traipsing in the rain all day. If you fancy a treat I would definatley take a look at this place.

The second photo is of Cafe Vaudeville, a snazzy French boudoir style cafe serving delicious and satisfying grub.

My boyfriends BEAUTIFUL FURRY BEAR of a dog also makes an appearance, he makes the perfect dog to sit by the fire with! 

Finally, I want to say a big hi to my new followers!! I have a few ideas up my sleave for future post's so watch this space!:D

Hollie x

Monday, 2 January 2012

Sequins, Banana's and Hello 2012.

Happy New Year people, I hope you all enjoyed the celebrations and danced the night away. The above collection of pictures sum up my 'hogmany' (new year's eve). 

I had a small gathering at my house so my outfit was more casual and comfy than an impressive new years frock.

Blouse-Vintage. Shorts-New Look sale for £5! Boots-New Look. 

These shorts are one of the few things I have bought in the sales. The cord material does take me back to the 90s as I do explicitly remember 'working' a green pair on many occasions, despite this I love the musturd colour and brown belt as it gives them a good vintage feel.

Im currently in Ireland for the week visiting my boyfriends family and am heading into Belfast tomorrow which I can't wait for as I have been told there is a good collection of vintage shops...and it's my 21st at the weekend so im hoping to scope out some nice pieces :D

Hollie x