Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grey Sparkles, Granny Shoes and Antique Watches

                                                              Dress-Zara. Shoes- Charity Shop. Bowler-H&M. 

This outfit consists of some of my recent purchases from a spontaneous and somewhat indulgent (considering my bank-balance) shopping spree. The thick grey jumper style dress was a find in Zara for £15. My wardrobe is lacking in casual and easy to wear dresses, so this has definitely filled a hypothetical wardrobe space. 

These are the ultimate granny shoes. Hush Puppies purchased from a charity shop for £5.50. They are undoubtedly one of the comfiest things I have had on my feet and as a fan of comfort over pain in my chosen footwear I am not afraid to say that I am Hush Puppies newest fan. My Granny would be proud. 

Also I thought I would showcase my watch I got for my 21st. I knew I wanted something classic and simple with Roman numerals and a traditional style. After looking online for antique timepieces I came across Rotary watches which, admittedly I did not know much about but was aware of as my Mum received one as a gift. To my surprise they have a lovely range of classic watches which were exactly what I was looking for.  If like me you are not the biggest fan of chunky watches and prefer a more classic piece I would recommend having a look at Rotary. 

Thanks for all the lovely comments guys, I love hearing from you!

Hollie x


  1. Love your dress, and thankyou for the lovely comment! :)

  2. lovely outfit! the watch is a beaut. x


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