Monday, 27 February 2012

Grungey Layers, My Faithful Friend

                      Trench Coat: H&M. T-Shirt Dress. Market. Denim Shirt: Miss Selfridge

I know I know I should be embracing the delicate and dreamy pastel shades which are splattered all over the web and indeed highstreet but all I want to do is wear scruffy grungey layers. I am such a rebel I know.

Oh and the final photo is for entertainment purposes, feel free to laugh at my grimace face.  

However, I have been influenced by a classic 80s high school teen film which I have watched recently and I have a feminine outfit coming your way, it even includes dare I say it, pink and florals. So watch this space and you will soon see me dressed like a real girl.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and if you attended LFW I hope you had a fabulous time, you lucky dogs!

Hollie x

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