Sunday, 19 February 2012

I swapped no clothes at my first clothes swap but bought two bags instead

The title of this post speaks for itself. As a second-hand enthusiast I was left disappointed after attending my first 'clothes swap'. While the event itself had all that was expected of a fashion event; vintage stalls accompanied with classic retro tunes and a sea of fashionable individuals, I swapped no clothes. I know it was a charity event and the concept of swapping a token for an item of clothing is a worthwhile and appealing idea, I was close to coming home with two items of clothing which I would never wear and in turn would donate them straight to a charity shop. So instead I decided against taking anything. If this was just a matter of luck I guess mine wasn't in! 

However, I did come away with the above two lovely bags, which were both purchased from the stalls of Aberdeen's only two vintage shops, Retrospect and The Closet. The wicker one is an anticipated favourite for summer. 

More and more fashion and particularly vintage fashion events are taking place here in Aberdeen and I am sure it is the same all over the UK.  Although I have enjoyed such events and will continue to attend them I think for the actual purchasing of second-hand clothing good old charity shops are hard to beat. Man, I do LOVE a rumage round a charity shop. 

I am aware this is a rather seriously pensive post but I would love to know what you guys think about vintage and fashion events?. 

Hollie x 


  1. Totally agree with you - the stuff people had brought for the swap was SO disappointing. I spent half of yesterday evening repairing a jumper with a blatant gaping hole in the elbow which I'd picked up. Barely saw (and not just due to the ridiculously dim lighting) anything I liked! And ended up rashly buying a vintage t-shirt for £15 which wasn't even that great! Sorry this is a huuuuge rant, so glad you agreed with me about it though!
    BUT I did find a last season Topshop leather jacket with fur collar and quilted detail in a charity shop two seconds later for a tenner, deffo think we should stick to charity shops!


    1. I know! It was awful, I picked up a cool quilted jacket then realised it was covered in white paint, why the hell someone would take that is beyond me! But heyho it was for charity so I guess we can't rant too much haha. Wow that jacket sounds like a great find and yes, I will be sticking to my faithful charity shops :)



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