Saturday, 12 May 2012

Antiques and Inspiration.

I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful 1920s bag from my boyfriend who purchased it on a recent trip to Dublin. The 20s is my favourite era and clothing/accessories from the glorious age are becoming harder to find. So I am delighted with this find and I think the boy deserves a pat on the back for this one don't you? 

I love embroidered bags and would quite happily wear an embroidered dress, yes, yes I would. 

Post-dissertation reading has led me to these books. It feels SO good to actually enjoy what I am reading as opposed to forcing myself to read over a can of red bull. It is a good idea to look beyond magazines and check out the fashion section in your local library and I bet you will find some gems, there is an abundance  of  fashion books on Amazon which you can get your teeth stuck into for some good old inspiration. I would recommend Valerie Steele's work for anyone who has an interest in the history of fashion. 

Have a lovely weekend.

PS. If it is sunny where you are please send some my way, I am in desperate need for sun as I have yet to get my milk-bottle legs out and I don't think I can take this miserable weather much longer. 

Hollie x 

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