Friday, 11 May 2012

A Visit to Washington DC.

I have recently returned from an internship in Washington DC, and oh my, what a trip it was. The internship at the US Naval and Heritage Command is offered to all history students in their final year of study but due to the awkward timing (it takes place the three weeks before our dissertations our due) only a small number of the more 'adventurous' took part.

Highlights of the trip included getting merry in the US Capitol, horse-riding in Virginia, my first ride on a motor bike (pictured above), a mad-hatter's tea party (also pictured above) and going on one of the fastest roller-coasters in the world (thankfully, not pictured above). Such highlights, combined with an abundance of museums, antique shops, vintage stores, and constantly eating my way through American cuisine made it a trip I will never forget. 

Seeing the world and experiencing new cultures is so important, and if like me, you are not sure what career path you want to take it, it is the perfect way of opening your eyes to the variety of opportunities which are available to you if you look further afield. I  have a new found love for the US and am already planning my next travels. So, start planning those trips guys! 

I also have a collection of purchases from the trip to share with you guys including a paisley blouse, dungarees and tacky US t-shirts. So stay tuned! 

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