Monday, 14 May 2012

A Little Bit of Sun.

 Crochet Top: H&M. Chinos and Shoes: New Look. Cardigan: Charity Shop. 

Since I unfortunately ripped the only jeans I own (owned) up the crotch while horse-riding in the US, I have been living in these trousers. I have yet to purchase a new pair of denims and although I miss them I think these navy chino style trousers are a good substitute. 

These sunglasses were a purchase from an amazing vintage shop in Virginia and the little clock necklace is one of my favourite pieces from a flea market in Amsterdam.

I am in the middle of doing a huge clear out as I am soon moving house so I will have a selection of unworn/ old vintage-esque clothing and accessories to get rid of, mostly bags, jewellery some dresses and shoe s aswell. I will probably do it through ebay but if anyone is interested give me a shout :) 


  1. love your outfit! you look amazing


    helen @

  2. That is such a pretty top and the necklace goes perfectly with it. You have gorgeous hair too!


  3. i loathe buying new jeans, feel your pain man. and that necklace is gorgeous! xx


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