Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Siblings, Mittens and Lockets

Belated Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone had a lovely day and ate until your hearts were content or until you passed out on the sofa. Above are some snaps of me and my older sister and below are some of the beautiful prezzies I received.  

As you can see, red is my favourite colour. The jumper is from UrbanOutfitters, the crochet top is from TopShop and the furry mits are from Vera Moda. 

I want to wear these winter pieces so much but something strange is happening here.....it is WARM OUTSIDE! I think Aberdeen was the warmest place in the UK on Christmas day which I did not enjoy, Christmas isn't Christmas without snow! 

I have always had a bit of nostalgic sentiment towards lockets as I remember wearing them a lot when I was younger and in some cases filing them with cut-outs from magazines. My loved ones must have recognised my love for lockets, or picked up on my 'subtle' hints as to my surprise I got 3!! The black and pearl-esque one is probably the dressiest with a long black chain, the gold heart is a bracelet and the gold and floral one is Cath Kidston and has a vintage/antique look to it. So all 3 are very different which is what I love about them. 

Hollie x 


  1. you both look fab :) i love your dress and the lockets are really pretty! x

  2. Thanks ladies :D Dress is UrbanOufitters x

  3. You both look lovely! I know, it's unusually warm over here too, last year we were covered in snow! But now a winter coat is too warm to wear outside...

  4. I love your dress, velvet is the best!

  5. Thanks girls :) I agree, velvet is amazing, I don't think you can own enough velvet dresses! x

  6. i adore that dress, and you have great hair!


  7. love the velvet dress, your blog is cute! x



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