Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Decorative Brooches

I think I do have a little bit of a thing for quirky brooches. Here is my collection most of which I received from my Granny so I have no idea about their age or where they are from! The leaf with pearls belonged to my Great Granny so I guess it is the oldest and the two cameos are presents from friends so are costume jewellery.

I know that brooches aren't the coolest of jewel's but they are a definitely 'old' piece of jewellery and thats why I like them. They immediately make me think of  the 18th century court costume which was lavishly adorned in decorative emblems, so perhaps it is my inner history geek which is attracted to them!

I tend to stick a brooch on most of my coats, I have on my fur coat and my sheepskin coat.

What do you guys think about brooches? Does anyone else adorn their coats with them?!

Also thought I would showcase my beautiful antique ring I got from my boyfriend from the Victorian Market in Inverness. The jeweller said it is 'gothic' and quite a unique style, hope yous like is as much as I do :)

Hope everyone is having a good lazy week drinking mulled wine, watching Home Alone and eating their weight in haribo and pringles! (It can't just be me doing this)

Hollie x


  1. Hey hun thanks for your lovely comment xxxx I love brooches they look fab on coats, they look great on a buttoned up shirt too. Amazing ring. Yes I have been eating my body weight in junk its a must in December.

    Merry christmas xx

  2. Your welcome, your style is really cool. Yeh brooches on shirts is something I have yet to try but I definitely will! Thanks for your comment.

    Merry Christmas to you too :) x x

  3. Aww love your brooch collection, what a fab granny you have! I've got a thing about jewellery and it's history too; sometimes it's nice to know the origins of where an item came from. Kudos to your boyfriend, the ring is beautiful, lucky you! Really love the blog...now following. x

  4. aw thanks Amy! Yeh I love things with a history, think that is the main reason why I love all things vintage! :) x

  5. Your ring is amazing, what a great find!


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