Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Good Old Dr. Marten

Coat-Vintage.Jumper-Vera Moda. Skirt-Barnardos Vintage.Hat-H&M. Satchel-Oxfam Vintage. 

No, I'm not reliving my teenage years I actually still dress like this. A fur coat and Dr. Marten's is probably one of my favourite and most practical winter outfits. The first sign of ice and I have already turned to my faithful shoes (not sure whether I should admit this, but, I have had them since I was 15). I'll accept that they are not the most 'feminine' of foot wear but I think as Alison Mosshart and Daisy Lowe have oh so effortlessly shown they can still look good. They have got me through the harshest of Scottish winters, avoiding frost bite and any serious bambi style slips, so I would argue that they are one of the BEST footwear ever made and I don't think I'll grow bored of them. 

Also, thought I would showcase this little skirt more closely, I picked it up from the vintage section in my local Barnardo's, I think the leather pattern against the black suede is cool, kinda reminds me of a peacocks tail or something?! There wasn't a label on it but I would guess it is 70s style. 

Hollie x 

PS. I hope others share my love for Dr. M! 


  1. Thank you! Only problem is that it's a bit too tight so I can't yet showcase the lovely waist detail haha. Your blog is amazing, so much pretty pictures and that sheer blouse outfit is so cool!


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